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I am unable to post extensive samples of my JPMC work online. Please contact me at for more detailed information on my work with the Banking Operations and Client Administration teams at JPMC.

I joined the inaugural Wholesale Payments UX (WPUX) team in December 2018. WPUX sits within the global Digital Experience Design (DXD) team at JPMC. The WPUX team's greatest initiative is continuing to champion innovation and transformation of the organization's wholesale banking platform, JPMorgan Access. We leverage the Double Diamond design methodology successfully influence process change and product innovation.

An annotated intepretation of the Double Diamond.

Access Administration Services is a particularly weak point for the platform and I've been helping WPUX lead transformation in development process in the various projects that I've worked on.


My initial task was to upgrade several multi-screen processes (assigning authorization permissions, creating new users, running administration reports etc...) to meet ADA Compliance standards. My initial few months were spent partnering with my Sr. Designer and a team of product and technology stakeholders across offices in OH, FL and CHI to understand the platform while completing the ADA upgrades. I learned quickly during these initial meetings that advocating for our process (Discover, Define Design, Deliver) would be challenging but would ultimately lead to better products for JPMC clients.


After those initial months of getting to know the product and partnering with technology teams, we soon realized that the push to meet ADA compliance masked some glaring issues regarding technical debt including the lack of design engagement in project planning, and inability to partner with technology to assess and innovate in the pattern library.

Identifying the systemic issues was one thing but rooting it out and remaining steadfast in design best practice was another. Immediately after completing the initial ADA transformation, our development entered into 8 months of emergency mode. The product was not deliverable and the reason hinged on design decisions made primarily by the product and tech teams. The emergency eventually burned out my Sr. designer and the onus was passed to me.

A few sketches that illustrate my thinking on the Admin Projects.


Though our process had been battered, I have held the line during the severe scope creep and resourcing bottlenecks. By adhering to design best practice, calling out poor design compromise and advocating for strategic design solutions, I helped raise the process issues to some of the highest levels of CIB product leadership.

By using a variety of techniques ranging from rabid reiteration to gathering galvanizing Usability feedback, WPUX was able to shine a light on some critical process issues within the organization. Recent monghts, have provided solutions to some glaring organizational process issues and we are now experimenting with an Agile like project plan to increase partnership and improve customer satisfaction.

A few more sketches investigating selection and permissions painpoints.

In recent months, as a result of increased scrutiny and an appetite for innovation, more UX and Product Management resources have been added to the team at large. Using a service design blueprint approach, we have exposed a good chunk of our problematic service iceberg. With this added attention from key players and Sr. leaders were able to get buy in to upgrade our development and design pattern language environment and the product and technology stakeholder have agreed align development calendars with the broader Double Diamond approach led by the WPUX team.


My experience with WPUX and DXD has given me the opportunity to broaden my design skill in ADA compliance, Visual Design and Service Design. As is my want, I have also strengthened my skills in Product Management and navigating and influencing Process Transformation.

Building expertise in designing in the corporate finance space has been particularly enriching from a system design perspective. Advocating fiercely for often unpopular design ideas to Managing and Executive Directors and Product Owners has sharpened my communications skills tremendously.

A few notes and a rough experience flow that illustrate my thinking on the Admin Projects.

One particularly fun project was a consultative engagement with product stakeholders from the client support LOB. Not only was I able to explore some of capabilities of our design language system, but I was also able to inspire efforts that are not in place to uplift the service product. You can find a write up on this project by clicking here.